Aakha bhari....Jabeek

Aakha bhari aasu kina, mutu bhari betha kina
Chadi jane nirmohilai samjhera runu kina
Janma janma sath dinechu, haath timro sada thamnechu
Dinu pare jyan pani, timro lagi ma dinechu

Bhanne le nai aja todera tyo chaati
Gai gayo hera timro tyo saathi
Bhulera ti kasam todera ti bacha
Gai gayo hera lagcha timro maya ajjai

Udas timi hardam kina, gumsum kina baschau kina
Chadi jane nirmohilko, yaadle jaba bachnu kina
Sansar kati ramailo cha, niyalera timi hera
Sapana ek tito samjhi atit lai bhuli hera
Khosieka khushi timro lutieka chain
Pharkinechan pheri aaunechan bahar jivanma
Bhatkiyeka sapana timra chyatieka bhawana
Talinechan pheri aaunechan rang jivanma
Aankha bhari aasu……………………
Mutu bhari betha……………………..

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