Maile royera bida............Rajeev Pravaat

Maile royera bida mage bhane
Timi hasera bida garidinu
Maile timilai bhulna nasake pani
Binti timi malai bhuli dinu bhuli dinu

Kahile kahi mero yaad aaye timi
Sapana samjhi….birsi dinu
Kada jhai mero yaadle gochne chaina timilai
Timi phul bhai phuli dinu

Mero aawaz katai gunjiyo bhane
Nasune jhai timi garidinu garidinu
Maile timilai……
Maile royera bida

Bhagya ko lekha yestai rahecha bhani timi
Chutine bela man bujaunu
Khusi umanga sara batuli aba timi
Mania dhekhi nai malai bhulaunu
Maile katai dhekhi bolae bhane
Nachine jhai timi gari dinu…
Maile timilai………
Maile royera bida


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