Hey nashalu..Jyoti Ghimire

Hey nashalu timro aankhaile
Malai lathai paryo timro heraile
Hey utaulo, hissi pareki gorile
Jiunuai garo paryo ni malai
Hey nasahalu timrai ankhai le………..
Pahilo chotiko bhetnai, aankha ke jedhethyo
Manai ta ho lobhiyo, najar tehi ladethyo
Hey baishalu timro paraile
Malai makkha paryou timro bhakaile
Hey nashalu timro aankhaile….
Banki timro chal’le, ke po asar parecha
Sapanama sadhai dekchu, ke po rog lagecha
Hey chanchale timro chalai’le
Malai bhuttukai paryo timro chathaileHey nashalu timro aankhaile…………..


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